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Newville Marine offers many services needed to make your vacation home a true relaxing and enjoyable place.

Lake Koshkonong Newville Marine DockBoat Dock & Lift Install/Removal
Newville Marine can make sure your pier and lift are ready for you and your family. We can handle the seasonal install and removable all before you even come up for your first visit of the year.

Barge Service
Our barge is used daily to move piers/lifts in and out of the water, for recovering sunken items, as well as any other items that may need to be hauled out of the water. (pics of tree removal, car, snowmobile, material, boat)

Newville Marine has a Scissor Pontoon Trailer that can easily move your pontoon to/from storage to your driveway or the lake. Need your pontoon boat taken to have a new cover made? We can move it for you. Give us a call to schedule at time, 608-884-6007.

Shrinkwrap & Storage
We offer winter indoor storage as well as shrink wrapping either at our location or on-site.

Our winterizations include – draining engine block, manifolds, flush enjine with marine anti-freeze, treat gas tank with Stabil, and check lower unit
Oil/filter changes are also available.

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